Thursday, April 18, 2013

Office Revolution, Part 1

So I finally achieved one of those Bucket List goals.  I'm now working from home!  Yay!!  And it's not a selling-type or scam position!  I can also start really working on this blog!

With this change I really needed to create an office space that I could spend 40+ hours in.  This is the first of several posts showing the progress.

My "office" had been the collective dumping ground for anything that didn't have a home.  Which is a lot since I'm still working on finally getting those habits down.  Add to it the fact that I hoard accumulate collect pretty much anything that I love (or shiny cause I've got ADHD), such as books and craft projects.  And there were always other factors that lead to the epic mess that is my office area.

The ADHD has always been a major hindrance to organizing and maintaining the home for me.  Like with the whole craft projects thing.  I'll see something that catches my eye, or a clearance for something that I always wanted to do.  Inevitably, I would need something else before I could complete the project.

More Supplies, More Space, More Knowledge, More Time.

I'm sure that most could relate. So supplies and half-done projects get shoved in the corner "for now" and then forgotten about (ADHD, I've already moved onto the next 8 things that caught my eye)

So here is a shot of just the bookshelves.  It's unfortunately a very good small-scale example for how the rest of the house is.   Sigh.  I've still got so much work in front of me.  But I'm going to do this, if only to prove to myself that I can do this.  Cause I can, and I will.  Now for the Down and Dirty....

Yep, It's bad.  Shameful.  I should know better, but very slightly in my defense, I grew up in messes like this.  It's a huge learning curve for me.

The "desk" is a round table that we inherited 11+ years ago.  It's too small for the dual monitor set-up.  Ruger is there chilling in my chair, since there isn't room anywhere else.

 The Books.  This is totally on me.  I love my books.  I reread my books, often.  Yet, I had so many that they are double-stacked, then tossed on the top.  And this isn't all of them.  There are more in boxes in the garage.

Crafts.  Pretty much all of the other bags and boxes are a convoluted mix of crafts, decor, office supplies and plenty of other odds and ends.

So now that I am pulling all of my skeletons out of the closet, let me show you Part 1 of who knows how many updates.  (ugh, closets...I'm not even remotely thinking about those yet.)

I did it.  I purged the books.  It did break my heart a little bit, but I am DELIGHTED with how the bookshelves look now.  I've got some empty space for decorative stuff (instead of it decorating the inside of boxes).  I'll go into more details later, but it was a pretty big, nowhere near complete undertaking.

Hopefully this will inspire you to take on that job that you've been putting off.   And perhaps it gives some perspective that you may have less of a mess (or some evidence that you're not the only person who is struggling against the clutter).

Ruger checking out the clean shelves.

Ruger Approves!